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2016 News Archive

December 22, 2016

All of the Proposed Bylaw changes were approved by the membership.  We received 142 ballots  which was nearly double last years return.  The Bylaws will be updated and  become effective on January 1, 2017.  They will appear on the webpage at that time.

As of Noverber 30, 2016, the Club had a total of $31,078 on hand.  Income for the month was $10,818 and expenses were $11,599.  Most income was from membership dues $3,745, non-member fees $1,990, Clay Target Center $2,047 and raffle sales $1,020. Expenses were; wages $3,068, insurance $2,997 and printing $1,720  and utilities $821. 

There were a total of 1,400 shooters in November-1,286 rifle and pistol and 114 CTC shooters.  New memberships were 37, renewals were 34 and total members climbed to 2,103.

Congratulations to Kenny Bellm of Kingman for winning the Club's latest raffle.  Kenny chose the Kimber 1911.  What a great Christmas gift for Kenny!  

The Club will start a new raffle after the first of the year.  It will be another two gun.  It will include the STI 9mm 1911 from the current raffle and a rifle.  We are working on a deal with the Ruger Company for a 6.5 Creedmoor American Hawkeye.  This raffle should begin sometime in January.

December 16, 2016

The Arizona Game and Fish will be grading the dirt road from the club house to the cowboy range.  This will take place beginning December 27 and is expected to take two days or so.  Please use caution if you use the road during this time.

November 16, 2016

 Thanks mainly to Dave Vance, the two water leaks at the range were fixed on 11-09-16 and the water was back on that afternoon.  

A set of stairs was built today on the 500 meter silhouette range.  All that is left is the placing of handrails.  Thanks to Marshall Gilliam, David Coburn, George Yurish and Ron Hooper.  

Next projects to be completed are three shades on the unloading tables at the cowboy action range and a concrete pad on the 1000 yard range berm.  This pad is going to be approximately 16'x80'x5".  We are currently getting bids on the cost of delivered concrete.  Game and Fish is going to pay for this project.  In addition, we will be placing shades at the archery, cowboy, shotgun and sporting clays range over the next few months after all the bids have been obtained and a go ahead is given by Game and Fish.  These are Game and Fish funded projects as well.

The club is continuing to have a good year.  As reported at the recent board meeting, the club had, as of 10-31-16, $31,670.84 in the bank.  Current membership stands at 2066 with 27 renewals during the month and 65 new members.  There were a total of 1,572 shooters at the range in October.  Of these 1,425 were rifle/pistol and 147 were shotgun shooters.

Attendees at the recent board meeting were given ballots for officers as provided for in the bylaws.  These were voted and given to election chairman David Coburn.  David also received several bylaw change ballots.  Please don't forget to vote on the bylaw changes and mail them in or bring them to the December board meeting.  They will be opened and counted at the December meeting.

Other topics of interest included Game and Fish money earmarked for the range, NRA Grant Application, potential for grading of the road to the Clay Target Center, and preparation for the March 2017 Antelope Eaters event.  

Game and Fish has informed the club that they have earmarked $75,000 for 7-Mile Hill Range.  It is good for the club to have these funds.  We have gone through a long effort to get the archeological survey and environmental documentation in place so we could construct the projects.  New projects will be announced on these pages as they progress.  We have also applied to the NRA Foundation for a $20,800 grant for projects as well.  If we get it, this money will be used for improvements on the 500 meter and 1000 yard ranges. 

We have contacted the Walnut Creek water company regarding grading the road.  They did a quick look see and told us they would provide a bid shortly.

The board approved a motion to spend up to $2,000 for firearms for this year's Antelope Eaters raffle.  Vice President Bill McCune has already started looking for the best prices.  Terry Kirkum is working with Cabellas and BassPro Shop in the Phoenix area for donations.

November 6, 2016

Ballots for proposed changes in the Bylaws are late in being mailed.  Staff at the printers working on the package had a family emergency which slowed the process.  They should be mailed Monday 11-7-2016.  The date to return the ballots has been extended until 12-01-2016.  Mail the ballot in the enclosed self addressed envelope you received with the proposed bylaw changes.  

The only people to volunteer for officers were the following existing board members.  They are:  

    Ron Hooper-President;           Bill McCune-Vice President;

    Steve Zoelle-Treasurer;          Terry Kirkum-Government Liaison;

    Jim Jett-Director at Large:      Jim Merritt-Director at Large;

The Secretary and two Directors at Large did not receive any interest.  These vacancies will be filled as soon as possible in the new year.  If you have any interest in one of these jobs, please contact one of the current officers with your interest and a 150 word description of  why you would like the postion and your qualifications.  The board will then appoint you if you meet the qualifications.

According to the Bylaws, ballots for officers will not be mailed.  Instead the bylaws call for those in attendance at the November Board Meeting to vote on the above six people.  Again according to the bylaws, no other individuals can be added to the ballot because they did not apply to run at the October Board meeting.  

We encourage everyone to attend the Board Meeting and vote.

October 15, 2016

Roof repair on Bays 9 and 10 has been completed.  George Yurish, David Coburn, Richard Sprouse and Mike Thompson put rubberized coating to seal and protect the roofing from winds as happend to Bay 8.  Thanks guys for your efforts.

September 2, 2016

The steel roof has been completed on Bay 8.   As you may recall, high winds in May ruined the rolled roofing.  The county corrections department removed the old roofing, club members then replaced the rotten wood and placed 150 feet of 18' 6" steel sheets.  A big thanks to Marshall Gilliam, David Coburn, Richard Sprouse, Mike Thompson, George Yurish and Ron Hooper for their efforts.  These folks saved the Club several hundred dollars that would have been paid to hire the job done. 

August 22, 2016

MSC and Bank Street Guns has entered into a membership agreement.  Banks Street will be selling memberships to their indoor range which will also include membership to Mohave Sportsman Club.  These memberships will be good for one year from the date of the sale.  Bank Street will be issuing plastic credit card-sized cards with an MSC membership  number.  They will be running a special for approximately 3 months for a cost of $99.  We and Bank Street encourage you to take advantage of this great deal.

August 15, 2016

The elections are just around the corner.  Individuals interested in running need to attend the October 13, 2016 Board Meeting to make their intentions know.  At that time, you will be required to provide a short narrative stating (in no more than 150 words) why you would like to run.  The election committee will determine if you are a member in good standing and have attended the required number of meetings.  The Club will then develop a ballot which includes all candidates and their statements of intent.  Elections will occur at the November meeting.

August 12, 2016

As of 7-31-2016, the club had a cash balance of $25,036.22.  Income for the month was $4,744.50.  Major sources were membership dues at $2,395, CTC at $930, non-member fees $720 and raffle sales at $235.  Expenses were $6,657.  Major expenses were wages $3,516,range upkeep $668, utilities $495 and telephone at $342.

We have repaired plumbing in the handicap bathroom, removed the leaking water heater in the range office, painted Bay 7, repaired the fridge in the club house and replaced the failed air conditioner in the range office.  

August 11, 2016

Home Depot generously donated building materials to the Club for the construction of Cowboy Range shade structures over the unloading tables.  Cowboy shooters Rooster, Carl Norman, Mike Thompson, Ron Hooper and Rad Green built and installed two structures this past week.  Range Officer David  painted the structures as well.  A big thanks to all involved for making these improvements.

August 4, 2016

It is time for members to review the bylaws and submit proposed changes or additions.  They can be found on this web page in the documents section to the left. These are due by September 1, 2016.  They can be sent to the Club email, turned in at the Range Office, or brought to the Board meeting on August 11, 2015.  Doc Orbloom is this year's Bylaw Chairman.  Rad Green has agreed to help Doc and of course you can submit your proposed changes to either fellow.

Bylaw changes will be reviewed by Doc and Rad, submitted to the Board by October 1, 2016.  They will be reviewed by the Board at the October meeting for approval or rejection.  Approved bylaw will be submitted to the membership with the election ballots.  Bylaws approved by a majority of member will become effective January 1, 2017.

July 5, 2016

The Club had on hand $34,216.35 at the last reporting period of May 31, 2016.  We have had a total income for the first five months of the year of $56,878.40 with total costs of  $43,556,64.  Membership dues and non-member fees provided 37.3%, CTC provided 18.5% and the Antelope Eaters event totaled 20.5% of income.  The remainder of income was derived from different shoots, raffles and rentals.  The majority of costs for the month and year to date are personnel and  range supplies and upkeep.  

  June 2, 2016

The Club had a balance of $34,186.36 on April 30, 2016.  We are looking to spend some of this money to make improvements on the Range.  Our first efforts will be in placing shade at the Archery and Cowboy Ranges.

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